Funding to assist children affected by family violence

Victoria - Baptcare will support children and young people affected by family violence, thanks to a 23m funding commitment by the Victorian Government.

The funds will deliver 26 projects focused on tackling family violence, including Baptcare’s Reaching Children through Universal Service (RCUS) project. RCUS has received $674,000 from the funding pool, which will be used to work with vulnerable children to deliver trauma-informed counselling, and therapeutic case management.

The project will provide families with support, education and links to other services, and will also train about 100 service providers in trauma counselling.

RCUS will be implemented in Brimbank and Melton over 14-months and is expected to assist up to 80 children and families.

“While there are well established family violence services for adults, there is a lack of services targeted specifically to the significant numbers of children and young people affected by violence and trauma,” Baptcare Chief Executive Graham Dangerfield said.

“RCUS was created so that children and young people are no longer silent victims and can instead be supported with early intervention, reducing the impact of unresolved trauma as they mature into adults.”

Mr Dangerfield added that a key focus of RCUS will be the delivery of therapeutic children's groups (co-facilitated by school staff), in collaboration with parenting programs, and the inclusion of a Children’s Therapeutic Case Manager.

“Through RCUS we can effectively partner with a range of services families come into contact with, such as schools and health providers, to better reach children impacted by family violence. This will also assist us to better engage with isolated families, including those of refugee or linguistically diverse backgrounds,” he said.

Baptcare has a long history of providing a range of services to children, young people and families. In the past year we supported 968 families, including support for vulnerable families experiencing difficulties, assistance with parental skills development, accredited parenting and children’s groups, and out of home care services.

“We look forward to continue assisting vulnerable families and children through the RCUS project and applaud the Victorian Government on their commitment to families and children impacted by family violence,” Mr Dangerfield concluded.

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