Funding ensures continued care

Tasmania - Baptcare today welcomed the announcement of Minister for Health, the honourable Michael Ferguson, for $7,2m in funding over the next four years, to ensure continued care for people with ‘severe and persistent’ mental ill health.

The funding will support Baptcare’s MiCare program with $1,8m in funding each year for the next four years.

Baptcare’s MiCare program started in 2013 in a response to a gap in services identified by Mental Health Services. This gap left many of the state’s most vulnerable without adequate support. Since its inception, the program has provided services to over 300 individuals across Tasmania.

Baptcare’s Service Manager for Mental Health, Debra Fast said the program works with people on an individual basis to work out their life goals, stress triggers and roadblocks to help them define solutions and choose appropriate services.

“Each person’s program is unique to them as their illness, history, and living situations are so different. We work in collaboration with participants and Mental Health Services to ensure their goals are met. These may include becoming a more active member of the local community, physical health and healthy eating, and more secure accommodation,” she said.

In the past four years, the program has significantly reduced hospital presentations and admissions, provided valued support for Case Managers with complex client needs and increased independence and engagement with the community in the lives of participants.

“Overall, it has had a very positive impact on the Tasmanian health system. One in three individuals accessing MiCare now no longer require ongoing government service. This only happens when there has been a significant reduction in hospital admissions and overall increased wellness”, Debra said.

Baptcare State Manager, Catherine Viney commended the Tasmanian government on the funding allocation.

“The continuation of this program is vital for so many people in this state. We are delighted for the support from the state government, which means we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those affected by mental health issues.”

Contact: Annemarie Watt

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