Dedication pays off for Baptcare volunteer

Former Baptcare volunteer, Rachel McLean was keen to gain some industry experience when she joined Baptcare late last year.

Rachel was in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree and was keen to gain some industry experience, so she contacted Baptcare on the recommendation of her mum, a current Baptcare employee.

“I wanted to put into practice what I learnt in my degree and put myself out there in the real world,” Rachel said.

During the six months that Rachel volunteered with Baptcare’s Communications Team, she played a pivotal role in gathering good news stories from across the organisation – stories that highlighted our best of care approach and showcased the positive impact we’ve made in the lives of our customers.

The experience she gained in interviewing strangers and sharing their stories enabled her to become more confident and “an infinitely better writer”.

“Being part of an incredible team and sharing the amazing work that staff at Baptcare do was really special because people appreciated having their stories told and it felt good sharing the great work people are doing.”

Rachel volunteered once a week and each week would write an average of four stories that were featured on our website, BaptConnect and Insight. These included stories on one of our Templestowe founders Iris, a story on a Sanctuary client, and a story celebrating a staff member’s 20-year contribution to Baptcare.

Whether it was saving files on 30 USBs for a media pack, or traveling to Templestowe by bus to interview a resident, Rachel showcased great initiative and always approached her role with enthusiasm and commitment.

Her dedication soon earned her a promotion at Mecca, a cosmetics company Rachel had been working at in addition to volunteering at Baptcare and completing her degree.

Sadly, this meant that Rachel had to leave Baptcare, but the skills she gained were “invaluable”.

“(The work experience at Baptcare) helped me work with a big group of people, across departments, empathise with my colleagues and train and inspire people,” Rachel said.

As part of her new role at Mecca and using the skills she gained at Baptcare, Rachel has been able to enhance Mecca’s internal communications, launching a YouTube page to serve as a staff training platform, and better improve information sharing from the head office to local stores.

“Seeing the way Baptcare delivered information to front line staff through Insight, it inspired me to take what Baptcare does for its staff and use that for Mecca.”

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