Coffee club supports Sanctuary residents

Baptcare's Sanctuary residents are enjoying new pet goldfish thanks to a coffee club initiative at our Moonee Ponds office.

Two bowls containing 10 fish, of which some have been named, have been introduced within the two courtyards at our Brunswick site and the response has been delightful.

The new animals have sparked many conversations amongst their new male owners including stories of the past, “these fish used to live in a pond where I lived in Pakistan”, to exchanges on who will feed them as everyone wants to be involved in their care.

The Sanctuary fish were the brainchild of Chaplain Jeanette Acland from our Moonee Ponds office.

“When I came to Moonee Ponds, there was no real coffee. So, I decided to establish a coffee club. I went to Aldi and bought several packets of fair trade organic coffee and we had plungers. I then communicated the new initiative of $1 per cup of coffee with staff. I thought we could donate any money that was made to our Sanctuary program," Jeanette said.

“Fish seemed like a good idea. Pets are incredibly significant for one’s mental health and they are an easy pet to have, they don’t make noise and are quite resilient.”

“The men from Sanctuary naturally gather in the two courtyards at Brunswick so we thought this would be the ideal setting to house the fish. They are truly beautiful when you watch them swim and the residents enjoy them and are incredibly grateful. They are the best cared for fish with the cleanest bowls. Residents have even bought them a flowering plant!”

The Coffee Club is still in operation at the Moonee Ponds office and plans are in place to provide further fish at our Sanctuary site in Preston.

Contact: Annemarie Watt

Phone: 0428 063 664