Baptcare’s Student Placement program

Baptcare offer students placements or work experience opportunities to help them determine if a student placement with Baptcare is right for them.

As part of student placement and work experience opportunities, students work alongside our experienced, supportive teams gaining practical experience under the expert guidance of industry trainers. They gain work experience hours of up to 13 hours per week and at the end of their placement, they receive a certificate recognising the total hours done and a list of work skills gained during their time at Baptcare.

Baptcare Talent Programs currently support placements across the organisation including Residential Aged Care, Home Care, Day Care, Allied Health, Family and Community Services, Kitchen, Lifestyle, IT and Nursing. 

Through a dedicated placement officer, we have established and strengthened relationships with reputable teaching organisations including Monash, Swinburne, La Trobe and Victoria Universities, and University of Tasmania. This also extends to Gippsland, Chisholm Institute, The Gordon and Swinburne TAFEs and other Registered Training Providers like Selmar Institute.

In full swing, our placement process can manage 60+ placement requests each month with some of our placement students becoming part of our workforce on completion of their qualification, such as the recent profile done of Taylor Mileto profiled on our socials.

Recently, we also implemented a centralised student placement system to support all sites and programs across the organisation with the aim of streamlining the placement process by capturing, storing and sharing documentation, journey and general information pertaining to each participant.

Administered by the Talent Program Lead within the Learning and Capability Team, centralisation of the student placement program has achieved significant outcomes including increased industry relationships between Baptcare, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), students, and wider community, by providing a stable point of liaison between the organisation and external stakeholders.

Thank you to the wonderful mentors across the organisation who are key to the success of this program with the effort they invest in 'up and coming' professionals in our industry. And thank you to the many fabulous students who have spent time at Baptcare including the exciting candidates like Taylor Mileto who become valuable members of our community.

If you’re seeking some experience in our sector, why not look into doing a student placement with us? You can find out more on our website.