Baptcare welcomes new kinship care model

The Victorian Government has developed a new model for kinship care that will identify carers earlier, strengthen community connections for Aboriginal children in care and deliver better, more flexible support.

Baptcare welcomes these changes and is thrilled to see kinship carers receive recognition and support for the vital role they play in caring for Victoria's most vulnerable children.

Baptcare recently released compelling research findings into family violence within kinship care and advocated for higher levels of care and support for all involved.

"The State Government has responded to the difficult and tragic situation that many kinship carers find themselves caught in, with a new model and new support. We are delighted and most of all for the three plus generations of families that get caught up in this nightmare." Baptcare General Manager Mission, Olivia Maclean said.

"Baptcare has released two compelling evidence-based research reports in the last three years and worked with the Department of Human Services, pushing for this outcome. A number of our recommendations have been implemented and we look forward to further research in this area, assessing both positive change and shining a light on further struggles.”

Click here to read Baptcare's recent report into family violence within kinship care and our recommendations. You can also hear what families have to say by watching the video below.

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