Baptcare Annual Report: 20,000 lives touched in a year

Baptcare Annual Report

MELBOURNE – Baptcare today launched its 2014/15 Annual Report and marked 70 years of service to the community.

Over the past financial year Baptcare has provided support to more than 20,000 people through its range of services in aged care and family and community services.

One of those people is Sarah*. Sarah is 16 and lives at home with her mother. Our local area coordinator Deb* assisted this family with varying intensity over nearly nine months. During that time there was quite a lot of focus on finding the right “fit” with service providers and programs for this young woman. “

When I first met Sarah she was very shy and reserved, hardly making eye contact or any conversation. Her Mum was worried about her, saying that she was socially isolated, spending most of her time at home in her room,” says Deb.

Deb facilitated a successful engagement with a service to support Sarah, individually and in a group, so that she could access community / recreational activities – that is, “things teenagers do”.

“She is now noticeably more confident and comfortable in social interactions, has made new friends and has got out of her bedroom,” says her mother. “The local area coordinator and the funded supports have changed our lives. We are now able to lead separate lives and that is a good thing!”

Sarah is now well on her chosen path towards getting  a job – having enrolled in a supported Cert I in Business course (Deb assisted with this link) and attending college part time. She is very happy with what she’s doing now.

* Not their real names

Chief Executive Graham Dangerfield said that is it for people like Sarah that a strong  financial result for the organisation is important.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus we make is put back into our business. This year we had another strong financial performance, with a net surplus of $3.1 million. Our operating cash flows were also strong, enabling us to invest in our strategy.”

Chairman of the Board, Philip Curtis reported how the organisation was performing against some of its current strategic choices.

“Some of our most telling choices of recent times include our goal to have 50 per cent of our aged care accommodation beds being taken up by those from disadvantaged backgrounds – that is, by “concessional” clients. At 30 June this year, 42 per cent of our beds were concessional and we expect to reach the 50 per cent target in the coming year.”

“Another goal is to commit at least 30 per cent of our net surplus to programs that are directly associated with our mission and ministry. This year’s result enabled us to provide 30.2 per cent of our net surplus into a range of community initiatives, such as our Pastoral Care program and Sanctuary program for asylum seekers. Our third goal is the decision to invest $5 million each year for the next five years in affordable housing projects.”

Mr Curtis also thanked all the Baptcare donors and supporters for their assistance over the past year.

“Without your support we could not provide the high standard of care and services that we deliver to our clients and communities every day.

About Baptcare

Baptcare is a faith-based, not-for-profit organisation that provides aged care and community services. Baptcare supports children, families, people with a disability, financially disadvantaged people and asylum seekers, and provides residential care and community care for older people across.

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