A pathway to independence

Over recent years, Baptcare Tasmania’s disability team has had the pleasure of helping two inspirational brothers get back on their feet after suffering through difficult family relationships and the threat of homelessness. Baptcare worked with Bruce* and Shane* to secure them a rental property, relationship counselling and financial management support through the Local Area Coordination (LAC) program.

Baptcare is a NDIS LAC Partner delivering NDIS Local Area Coordination services in Tasmania. LAC is a case management and casework support service that works in partnership with individuals, their family or carer and their support network to achieve positive and quality outcomes for people with a disability. Baptcare LAC case managers provide one on one support in evaluating and strategizing goals to stabilize their client in a range of personal troubles such as relationships, housing and financial support.

Bruce and Shane have navigated life with intellectual disabilities which has often made it difficult for them to find safe and supportive places to reside within their community. Their troubles stemmed largely from troubled family dynamics, a lack of secure accommodation and a history of sexual abuse. This made managing their lives incredibly difficult as they had no access to support networks.

When their accommodation was at risk, the brothers contacted Baptcare’s Gateway services. Bruce and Shane were referred to the Baptcare LAC team who were able to provide them with the one on one services they needed to live a stable, independent life.

Their LAC case manager assessed their situation and advised the brothers to apply for a Public Guardian to help them with important decisions, as well as a Public Trustee to assist them with their finances. Baptcare also encouraged the brothers to seek counselling services which helped them with coping strategies during difficult situations.

Since first contacting Baptcare, Bruce and Shane have flourished. They continue to live together in their own rental apartment and are able to maintain their rent and care for the property while gaining new skills to live independently. With the help of the counselling sessions their relationship is also stronger now than ever.

Bruce has also learnt to use an ATM and with the assistance of his support worker, is developing the skills to cook, budget, shop appropriately and look after his home. The LAC team was also able to find a similar support package for Shane.

With the help of Baptcare, the brothers are now supporting themselves independently and require less support from the LAC team. They are currently saving to treat themselves to a holiday later in the year.

* Names changed to protect the person’s identity.

Contact: Annemarie Watt

Phone: 0428 063 664