A bounce in their step

A group from our Southaven Day Centre recently took part in a basketball program with incredibly positive results.

Ten individuals attended Basketball Victoria’s five week pilot program, Walking Basketball.

Comments from participants were incredibly positive, with the most frequently heard comment related to an increased sense of confidence in personal ability.

One basketballer found that he could “use his previous basketball skills and knowledge to encourage and support his friends” while anotherwas “happy that by the end of the five weeks she was able to participate without her walking frame due to increased balance and endurance”. One “loved the social experience of meeting new people and experiencing something new and different”, while another, who is difficult to engage, surprised everyone with his ability to play some mean defence and enthusiasm to return each week.

On a weekly basis the group from Southaven made their way down to the Chelsea Basketball Association’s courts where they participated in basic warm-ups, were introduced to the finer skills of basketball such as passing, shooting and dribbling, and even engaged in a modified half court game. The one hour session then concluded with a social morning tea and a review of the game. Gabe from Chelsea Basketball’s Association commented that she had seen an improvement in all participants over the five weeks and was inspired by each person's personal commitment.

Designed for participants of all genders and abilities, the Walking Basketball program aims to help maintain and improve health while reducing the risk factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Developed as a low-impact activity, participants can gain confidence in their bodies that they may have lost, never had or are fearful of losing. It offers seniors to play a modified game of basketball with their peers in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Southaven staff and customers were thrilled to be included in these fun and inclusive sessions, made possible by Baptcare’s Mission Development funding, which not only contibuted to improving their health but also made them noticeably happier.

Contact: Annemarie Watt

Phone: 0428 063 664