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We get it – the search for mental health support can be overwhelming and exhausting. And, that’s the last thing you need right now. Baptcare Mental Health TasConnect is a free and confidential mental health referral phoneline for all Tasmanians. We help you understand your options so you can choose the service that’s right for you.

Mental health issues are common in our communities across Australia. And, with the onset of COVID-19, this situation is expected to rise and intensify. We know mental health in Tasmania. And –  that’s why we’re here, connecting you with the services best placed to meet your needs.

Call Baptcare Mental Health TasConnect on 1800 290 666 between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

This referral phoneline is not a crisis support line – for urgent support, contact the Mental Health Service Helpline on 1800 332 388 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. In an emergency contact 000.

Can I call Baptcare Mental Health TasConnect?

Baptcare Mental Health TasConnect is available for all Tasmanians. Anyone can call our referral phone service – people experiencing mental health issues and family, friends, carers, and other support people. We realise mental health concerns can affect any one of us. That’s why we connect Tasmanians to the right support to meet their individual needs.

What can I expect when I call?

When you phone us, you’ll have a supportive and non-judgmental conversation with one of our team. We’ll provide you with information about and options for mental health support services to meet your individual needs.

Then, what happens? We help you identify a service that meets your needs and put you in touch (and in some cases provide a referral to) this service.

Is my conversation confidential?

Yes, your phone call to Baptcare Mental Health TasConnect is confidential. We are required by law to report anyone who is at risk of harm to themselves or someone else.

Can I call Baptcare Mental Health TasConnect if I’m a GP, health practitioner or community worker?

Yes, feel free to call our phoneline to find out more about the support services that meet the needs of your patients or clients.

Supported by Primary Health Tasmania under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks Program.

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Baptcare wants to help you to know about your rights. You have the right to tell us what you think about the services you are receiving from Baptcare. We want to hear about your experience with Baptcare, good or bad, so we can provide you the best support possible. If you have ideas on how we can improve, let us know!

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