Jim’s Home Care gives him more control of his life and health

Baptcare Home Care client James (Jim) Pattie talks about his experience living with early-onset dementia and Type 1 diabetes.

Jim Pattie is a history buff and former history teacher who has worked in schools across South Australia and Victoria, as well as with indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

Jim’s first symptoms of early-onset dementia emerged at work, when colleagues noted worrying lapses in his short-term memory.

As the condition developed, it forced him to retire early – a huge upheaval for an outgoing person who was only in his early sixties.

Jim became increasingly isolated as he grappled with a number of problems, including incontinence. “I shut myself off. The power was off and I was just isolated; I wouldn’t answer the door. I didn’t know what was happening to me,” he said.

A local Chemist noticed that Jim was not getting his insulin prescriptions filled regularly, and visited him at his house.

This thoughtful act triggered a process that resulted in Jim becoming a Home Care Package client with Baptcare.

Jim’s Baptcare Care Advisor, Tirita, has helped him to organise the practical aspects of daily living, which has given him more control of his life and health. And through encouragement and support from Baptcare’s diversional therapy and pastoral care professionals, Jim has reconnected with the community around him.


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As a Baptcare Customer Liaison Consultant in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Melissa McPherson plays a vital role in facilitating home care services for older people in the local community. A home care provider with local knowledge and experience One part of Melissa’s role is to act as Baptcare’s first point of contact for people who need some assistance at home. “I go out to their home, talk with them about what they need, and discuss how we can assist them to continue living in the comfort of their own home. Also, many people struggle with the My Aged Care process, so I help them to understand it,” Melissa says. A second important aspect of Melissa’s work is her liaison with other community services that support older people. “I spend time visiting local practices to discuss how Baptcare can support them with the great work they do. Healthcare professionals find it very reassuring that our home care services include nursing and allied health.” “I also give talks to people in the broader community who may be able to benefit from home care, including residents of retirement living villages and organisations such as Carers Victoria. In some cases, people don’t even know that home care services like ours are available,” Melissa says. According to Melissa, it is important that Baptcare has a presence in the local community. “Most people prefer to have a local provider. It’s the trust factor – if you’re choosing a home care provider, you want someone who knows the area.” “It’s also important to the local community that Baptcare is a Government-approved provider that meets the Home Care Standards set out by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. Not all providers can state this. So we are a trusted advisor by medical professions and an approved provider by the government.” Giving back to the community Baptcare has been a community-oriented organisation from the beginning, according to Melissa. “Since its inception more than 70 years ago, Baptcare’s purpose has always been to help people and give back to the community – and that purpose is exactly the same today. The reason I love working here is that my values align with the Baptcare values. I aim to help people live at home longer and happier.”

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