Care packages

Important tips for care packages

We encourage you to remain in contact with your loved one through ‘virtual visits’ and the delivery of care packages. Some tips for what to include and not include in your care package:

  • Please DO include items that come in their original packaging – this is important because staff will sanitise the item before sending it to your loved one’s rooms.
  • Please DON’T include Items that are affected by temperature – while we endeavour to deliver your care packages as soon as we can, these items may not be delivered to your loved one’s room straight away (e.g. an ice-cream could be partially melted).
  • Please DON’T include medication (e.g. Panadol or laxatives) in your care package. While we understand completely that you want to ensure that your loved one is as comfortable as possible, these sorts of medications can interact with existing medication in a detrimental way. It is vital that our staff be away of ANY medication – even Panadol – that your loved one is taking. This will ensure their safety and wellbeing.

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