Your safety and wellbeing is our focus

The health, safety and wellbeing of our residents, clients, staff and volunteers continues to be our number one priority. We are actively monitoring COVID-19 developments and planning our approach to a variety of circumstances to quickly implement measures for your safety and wellbeing in such a fast-changing and difficult time.

As part of this we will continue to keep our Baptcare community and their loved ones up to date and informed of any developments.

Families and friends: Visiting our aged care communities in Victoria

Visiting our aged care communities

Who can visit?

Residents can have an unlimited amount of visitors, for an unrestricted amount of time.

Outings and leaving our homes

Residents can still leave care facilities, however they will have additional screening and testing on return if: 
*they have lived in, or visited, Mentone, Mitcham or Hallam, or
*they have visited listed exposure sites.

Preparing for your visit

There are a few things visitors can do to help us protect the safety and wellbeing of everyone living and working in our residential aged care homes:
*Please do not visit our homes if you live in or have visited Mentone, Mitcham or Hallam, or any of the exposure sites.
*Please do not visit if you are unwell, even if your symptoms are mild. We encourage you to get tested and isolate until you have received your results.
*Follow all the usual infection control and hygiene measures, including hand washing, observing cough and sneeze etiquette and maintaining a physical distance from others during your visit.
*Visitors must sanitise their hands-on entry and wear a mask while onsite at our facilities.
*Defer or delay any non-essential visits and outings, and ‘visit virtually’ instead. If you must visit, please limit the time you are in our homes and minimise contact with others while you are here.

Visiting hours are currently 11 am-3 pm daily (seven days a week).

The Victorian Government requires aged care facilities to collect additional information from visitors, for the purposes of contact tracing. You will be asked to complete a declaration form prior to your visit. Your contact details will then be logged as well as your arrival and departure times.

The Victorian Care Directions (The Directions) No 19

Following recent outbreaks of COVID-19 in New South Wales and parts of Victoria, announcements were made on 3 January 2021 by the Victorian Deputy Chief Health Officer.

Key Changes in the Victorian Care Directions (The Directions) No 19

The Directions came into effect at midnight, Sunday 3 January 2021 and will expire at 11.59pm Sunday 29 January 2021. These directions:

  • Lift visiting restrictions. There are now no restrictions on the number or age of visitors to residential aged care facilities.
  • Enforce visitors to complete a written declaration prior to entry onsite at a care facility.
  • Prohibit diagnosed persons and close contacts from visiting care facilities.

Visitor declaration

Prior to entering a care facility, all visitors must declare in writing that they:

  • Do not have any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms.
  • Are not a close contact of someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19) case.
  • Are not currently required to isolate or quarantine, as directed by DHHS.

In addition to the written declaration, all visitors will have a temperature check.

All visitors must also wear a fitted face mask and maintain physical distancing.

Restrictions on visitation

Visitors are not allowed to enter a care facility if:

  • The person is required to self-isolate; or
  • The person is required to self-quarantine; or
  • During the 14 days immediately preceding the entry, the person had known contact with a confirmed case; or
  • The person has COVID-19 symptoms; or
  • The person has been tested for COVID-19 and has not yet received the results of that test.

Families are asked to check the DHHS case locations and outbreaks website regularly to ensure they have not been in contact with any of the public exposure sites and require testing or isolation. This list is frequently updated.

In Tasmania, Baptcare Karingal Community will continue to receive visitors under the current restrictions:

  • All visitors must provide evidence of a 2020 influenza vaccination
  • All visitors will be screened and will be asked if they have contracted COVID-19 or been in close contact with a positive case or have recently been overseas
  • Children under the age of 16 years and visiting services such as hairdressers and allied health professionals may visit aged care facilities.
  • All visitors will need to wear a face mask
  • No more than two people can visit each resident at any time.
  • All visitors are restricted to a one hour visit and must stay in their loved one’s room or designated visitor areas (and must not gather in common areas).

Please note – we are always sensitive to special circumstances of our residents, families and friends and are particularly sympathetic to those in end-of-life care. In these circumstances there is a maximum of two visitors with no time limit. Please contact your Residential Care and Services Manager to discuss visiting options.

COVID safe initiatives in our residential aged care communities

The wellbeing, health and safety of our residents, families and staff is our number one priority. Our staff and managers follow guidelines and directives of the relevant state and federal authorities.

Read about our COVID safe initiatives

Staying safe and well at home

The current stay at home restrictions across Victoria present challenges for us all, but it presents a particular challenge for those of us who live alone.

After weeks of isolation, feeling lonely or anxious is completely understandable and unfortunately, quite common. It’s natural to worry about the well-being of your family, friends and neighbours, especially when you cannot see them face to face as you normally would do.

Read our tips for staying safe and well at home.

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