Give hope to asylum seekers

They give me my own room, my own space. A space that allows me to just lock the door, have a good sleep and not worry about people stealing my things. That’s why it’s called a Sanctuary.

Your contribution makes a real difference to people seeking asylum.

Providing a safe sanctuary
Every day I meet or hear from so many people seeking asylum like Hassan*. Many of them have escaped war-torn places. They’ve been tortured and brutalised. They’ve seen unspeakable things. Many of them flee with just the clothes on their backs.

But no asylum seeker ever arrived in Australia with a house on their back. That’s why I’m asking for your help today.

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I’ve always been a survivor. I survived so many adversities in my life, but why is it so bad this time? I feel like I’ve got nothing to cling onto.
* Hassan (name changed to protect privacy)

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