Help our asylum seeker project

Help our asylum seeker project

“For those who come across the sea...”

These words feature loud and clear in our national anthem – our children sing them at school assemblies across the country. And yet, somehow, are we sure they ring true.

Across the world everyday people flee war, torture and horror. Some make it to Australia. And when they reach us, do we offer comfort? Do we have ‘boundless plains to share’?

No. Baptcare believes our government policies around asylum seekers are specifically designed to make things so bad here that asylum seekers will go home.

These frightened people come in hope of safety, yet Australia makes them feel unwelcome.

It doesn’t have to be this way. So, with gifts from compassionate people like you, our Sanctuary gives asylum seekers a home and support while they live in our community.

Why do we need your help?

Baptcare relies on compassion from Australians like you. We want to help more people seeking Sanctuary, as Baptcare’s mission is to offer unconditional support when and where it’s needed.

If you can donate, you’ll help us give people seeking asylum:

  • A warm, safe bed in our Sanctuary accommodation for a week = $270
  • Food – groceries for a week = $50
  • A voucher for clothes = $120
  • A welcome pack with food and blankets = $160

To know more about Baptcare sanctuary program, click here.

Donation refunds

We appreciate your decision to donate to Baptcare. Like any tax-deductible charitable contribution, any online contribution made to Baptcare cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been approved and completed. You can ensure that your donation amount is accurate by referring to your tax deductible receipt.

If you have any queries please email to get in touch with our team.

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