Benji's Story

Benji's Story
In six months, I never heard Benji speak... not a word. He had no speech. He had obvious developmental delays... We attributed that to his mother’s drug use in utero, plus he was also in the bedroom when both parents were smoking ice...
Baptcare mentor Rachael

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Rachael, a trained Baptcare mentor says Benji was born drug affected. Both his parents are addicts... his father a drug dealer... his earliest days are filled with the sounds of violence.

Benji was placed in the care of his aunt Caroline... but Benji was not out of danger. His mother would come around, drug affected and demanding to see him. Breaking the intervention order in place. Caroline was terrified to leave the house and suffered from anxiety and depression.

At Rachael’s encouragement, Caroline began attending a support group for kinship carers. Once too fearful to step out of her house, Caroline took this crucial step for her mental health.

Mentors like Rachael are trained in practical support for vulnerable families. This includes reading to children. Singing rhymes. Playing simple games. Other parenting skills. All this helps with the language and social development of a child.

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