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COVID-19 updates

Updated COVIDSafe settings to come into place at 11.59 pm, Thursday 3 June

Effective from 11.59 pm, Thursday 3 June

Today the Acting Premier of Victoria, announced an update in relation to COVIDSafe settings, including that the current restrictions, effective from 11.59 pm on 27 May 2021 remain in place until further notice.

Existing restrictions in relation to visiting Victorian aged care homes remain in place, per our information published below on 27 May.

For more information about the premier’s statement please read here:

Changes to Visiting Arrangements in Residential Aged Care Communities in Victoria

Effective as at 11.59pm on 27 May, 2021

In recent days, we have seen a re-emergence of active COVID-19 cases in Greater Melbourne, and parts of regional Victoria. Subsequently, a range of new restrictions were announced by the Victorian Premier.

In line with the Victorian Government requirements announced today, visits to all Victorian aged care homes for families and friends will be suspended.

The suspension will be effective from 11.59pm this evening, 27 May, 2021.

We are sensitive to special circumstances of our residents, families and friends and are particularly sympathetic to those in end of life care.  In these circumstances, please contact your Residential Care & Services Manager to discuss visiting options.

Keeping in touch

The wellbeing of residents and their loved ones is front of mind during this time.  We will continue to facilitate window and virtual visits with residents so please contact us to book an appointment.   We have devices and staff to support these visits.  You can also drop ‘care parcels’ at the front door. Please contact the Reception to make arrangements.

We remain committed to the care, wellbeing and safety of our residents and staff.  We will continue to actively monitor the situation and provide relevant updates.

COVID-19 Vaccination program

The first phase of the rollout focuses on protecting our most vulnerable and will involve around 240 residential aged care communities across Australia, including ours.

Is the vaccine safe?

All vaccines are thoroughly and comprehensively tested for safety before they are approved for use in Australia. This includes careful analysis of clinical trial data, ingredients, chemistry, manufacturing and other factors. For more information, please visit

Is the vaccine compulsory?

The vaccine is voluntary, but strongly encouraged. It is universal and free for everyone living in Australia.

Where will residents receive their vaccination and who will administer it?

Residents will receive their vaccination in the familiar settings of their residential aged care communities. Residents will be immunised by specially trained and skilled immunisation teams appointed by the Australian Government. Our staff will work with them to support residents. The vaccine will require two doses, 21 days apart. That means the immunisation teams will come to our communities twice.

When will residents receive their vaccination?

The Australian Government is working through the details of the vaccination rollout. More information will be made available in the coming weeks. We will provide further information as it becomes available.

How is consent given for the vaccination?

Informed consent will be obtained prior to vaccination. The consent form can be found here.

What if residents don’t want to have the vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged by the Australian Government. Residents can opt-out at any time.  Please inform your local Residential Care & Services Manager.

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Keep up to date with information you can trust

This Australian Government Department of Health video describes how vaccines will be rolled out, and who they will go to first.

It’s natural to have questions about the vaccine. Whether you or your loved one wants to get the vaccine as soon as it’s available, or you’re a bit hesitant about getting it, it’s important to rely on independent information you can trust.

You can find more information:

  • Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 vaccination website.
  • You can call the National helpline on 1800 020 080. This number operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) has a number of resources on their website, including the recording of a webinar about the vaccination, its ability to protect people from COVID-19, and how to decide if the vaccine is right for you or your loved one.

Resources available in languages other than English

  • The Australian Government Department of Health translated resources can be found here
  • The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Aging is a good resource to find multilingual resources.  They also provide in-language information and support associated with COVID-19 in Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Italian, Mandarin and Vietnamese.Please call 1800 123 456 between 2pm and 5pm (AEDT) on weekdays.  Services are not available on public holidays or weekends.

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