Help our Houses of Hope project

Help our Houses of Hope project
What if you’re an asylum seeker going through domestic violence? When you flee, you’re left homeless with two children…and a baby.

Will you reach out to a homeless asylum seeker going through domestic violence today?

So many asylum seekers like Jamila are forced to leave their countries because of war, violence or persecution. Then in Australia, Jamila faced violence of a different kind... from her husband.

“When my first child was still a baby… I was giving her a bath. My husband hit me and I was hospitalised. The neighbour called child protection.

"He said, ‘If you tell anyone, I will kill you. You don’t know anyone here, no-one will listen to you.'”

With little English and no money, Jamila made the extremely difficult decision to leave. Frightened and alone, she moved from one friend’s couch to another. Then from one homeless crisis service to another. With her two young children and a baby. Her lowest point was when she had just $50 for two weeks to buy food for them all. “I just buy $2 milk and $2 bread. That’s the only food we were eating.”

All Jamila wanted was a place to call home. Your gift is urgently needed to help homeless asylum seekers like her.

Today, will you reach out with compassion to a frightened mum like Jamila, who is also going through domestic violence?

Will you help her with food, clothing, and the chance to build a new life? And to heal from the trauma of violence?

Will you help those like her to finally find a place to call home through Baptcare’s Houses of Hope program?

When you donate today, your gift will be used to:

1. Provide food and groceries for a homeless mum and children so they don’t go hungry!

2. Help with rent to give a safe home to a traumatised mum and children – you stop the endless cycle of couch surfing and short-term accommodation.

3. Help cover utilities to keep an asylum seeker family warm in winter.

Your generous support will help provide a roof over the heads and food in the mouths of a desperate family... who would otherwise be homeless.

Blessed is the one who is kind to the needy.
Proverbs 14: 21

Donation refunds

We appreciate your decision to donate to Baptcare. Like any tax-deductible charitable contribution, any online contribution made to Baptcare cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been approved and completed. You can ensure that your donation amount is accurate by referring to your tax deductible receipt.

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